First Contact Event

On 17 June, SFC participants came down to our First Contact Event held at CAPT Multi-Purpose Hall.

The idea of the event was to have SFC participants get to know one another; this was especially important for the participants who signed up as individuals.

We started off the day with icebreakers, getting them to familiarise with one another and to learn how to work together.

Following that, our Project Head Mingrui briefed participants about the Singapore Frontier Challenge, and explained the deliverables for the competition.

Speakers from SP Group and Energy Market Authority also shared more about their organisations, and their current and past projects in the Singapore energy scene.

Project Head, Lai Mingrui, briefing SFC Participants.
Zen Chen from SP group sharing about their organisation.
Wilfred Yu from Energy Market Authority sharing about their organisation.

We broke off for lunch after the talks.

Everyone came back for team-building games after lunch. They were tasked to build something that can launch the pingpong ball the furthest. We gave all the teams the same materials for the task, and left them to coming up with the ideas.

One of the teams took on a different approach from the rest, and emerged winners for that task with their innovative thinking.

We had a fun time looking at everyone’s final products, and finding out more about their rationale.

The team that took on a different approach.

To end off, we asked participants in each team, what they thought their roles were in the team, or what roles do they foresee themselves taking up within the group. This was especially important for the team to work together well, especially for the SFC which requires commitment to the project.

We hope everyone had fun!

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