SFC Winners

During the Finale, our finalist teams presented their projects and also showcased their prototypes to a panel of judges from SP Group and NUS. The event concluded with a prize presentation ceremony, featuring top three teams from both the Singapore Frontier Challenge and SFC Mini Challenge.

A big thank you to all our audiences for taking the time out to witness our finalist teams in action.

Congratulations to all our finalist teams for making it this far, and thank you for the dedication and hard work put in over the past few months.
Congratulations to the winners of our inaugural Singapore Frontier Challenge:

1st place: Team Cloud Nine – Sai Surya, Sih Chee Seng, Gao Yiming, and Wayne Wee

Project: Channeling the rainwater collected on rooftops down high-rise buildings, to harvest its gravitational potential energy as it falls from the top of the building to the ground, generating energy through the process for storage and subsequent usage

2nd place: Team Scone – Jonas Ku, Chew Wei Yi, Say Xian Xun, Ting Qi Yu, and Lakshmanan Ramasamy

Project: A flattened dome shaped Fresnel lenses on top of a truncated optical prism structure which allows excess heat to be converted to heated water for residential usage. It is essentially a higher efficiency concentrator photovoltaic that aims to harness more energy per unit area.

3rd place: Team Savez – Koh Jun Hao, Seah Zong Long, Ernst Cheok, Chan Si Min, and Udayagiri Vishnu Saran

Project: A solar cell mimicking photosynthesis that is organic, highly sustainable, and versatile. It overcomes the limitations of conventional solar cells to utilize Singapore’s readily available source of solar energy.

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