The Singapore Frontier Challenge aims to encourage and facilitate the interaction between different disciplines and harness their perspectives to solve a real-world issue. Participants are expected to propose, develop and build a usable solution to a given problem.

The competition will involve teams from the tertiary institutions of Singapore, including NUS, NTU, SIT and SUTD.

Alternative Energy: Production, Transmission and Storage.

The problem
In line with a growing economy, Singapore’s energy consumption has risen at a steady clip over the decades. This, however, is set to accelerate with increasing digitization of the economy and society.

Our traditional reliance on fossil fuels is also becoming increasing tenuous. Anthropogenic global warming is reaching its tipping point and as part of global accords, Singapore is expected to cut carbon dioxide emissions in the years to come.

The need to transit to a low-carbon economy and diversify away from fossil fuels in spite of increasing demand is strong and growing. However, our reliance on fossil fuels is thorough. Moreover, with a small land area and few renewable resources to speak of, our usual options are limited.

Singapore has been very active in supporting new and sustainable forms of energy. In order to secure future prosperity, everyone must play a part in developing novel solutions today.

How can we alleviate some of the resource constraints that Singapore will face in the next 15-20 years with alternative energy? Find a solution using a sustainable and alternative source of energy, looking in particular at the production, transmission or storage, that can be feasibly implemented in Singapore.