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Who can join this competition?

The competition is open to all students from the tertiary institutions of Singapore, including NUS, NTU, SIT, and SUTD.


I am graduating this year. Am I eligible for the competition?

Yes, graduating students are eligible for the competition.


What is this competition all about?

The Singapore Frontier Challenge is an interdisciplinary competition that brings together students from different faculties and universities to tackle the problems faced in Singapore and to provide solutions for the future.

This year, the competition is themed around alternative energy and participants will be asked to build a prototype.

Learn more about the Singapore Frontier Challenge.


How long will the competition last?

The competition will be from June to September.

Learn more about our competition schedule.


What do I stand to gain from joining?

Mentorship opportunities with SP Group will be the key highlight of our competition, as it will give you a sneak peek into Singapore’s unique energy landscape, as well as the opportunities to learn from professionals who are currently in the industry.

Workshops (Arduino, 3D printing, Autodesk, and IP rights) will also be organized to equip you with the requisite skills needed for the development of your projects. These skills will come in handy even after the competition.

The champions of our competition will also clinch the top cash prize of $5000.


Can I join if I do not have the relevant skills or knowledge?

Yes, as workshops will be organized to equip you with the requisite skills needed for the development of your projects.

Learn more about our workshops.


What is the First Contact Event for?

During the event, participants will be briefed on the competition rules and regulations, the exact timeline of the competition, as well as the problem statement. We will also be there to answer questions that participants might have.

Guest speakers from various organizations involved in Singapore’s energy landscape will also be invited to give a short overview of the current energy situation and some of the ideas currently in place. This is to give the students more exposure and inspiration which we hope can translate into novel and unique ideas.

Participants will also get a chance to talk to one another to discuss about the potential project that they want to work on. It is also a time for students who do not have a team to find and form one.

Exciting team bonding events will also be organized for all participants.


Are there open labs for us to conduct our prototyping?

For prototypes, you may seek assistance from your university. Otherwise we will provide you contacts to third party organizations with 3D printers.


Who is behind this competition?

This inaugural competition is organized by NUS students, who wanted to provide fellow students with opportunities that their classrooms cannot offer.

We also wanted to provide students with the platform to showcase their strengths and talents in a unique learning environment, to be an active contributor to our society, and perhaps even to impact others globally.

The competition is backed by the NUS Physics Society.


Will our personal data be secure?

Yes, all your personal information obtained via the sign-up form will be deleted once the competition is over. These information will not be used for other purposes.


I have some questions regarding the competition. How can I contact you?
For all enquiries, please send us an email at

You may also Facebook message us for instant replies.