SFC Mini Challenge

SFC Mini Challenge 2017
To create an infographic poster and write an 800-word (maximum) summary regarding any current renewable energy technology

1. Describe how the technology works.
2. Describe the pros and cons.
3. Suggest improvements.

Judging criteria:
1. Aesthetics
2. Accuracy of Information
3. Depth of Analysis

1st place

Infographic on Concentrated Photovoltaics
By: Ho Soon Yee, Joshua Tan, Jeff Lee, Marcus Ang, and Xavier Lee

2nd place

Infographic on Dielectric Elastomer Generator
By: Arif Ahmad Woozeer, Joshua Iain Tan Xi, Bertram Chen, and Alvin Loo

3rd place

Infographic on Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
By: Rachelle Leong, Marvin Chan, Tan Boon Kai, Chen Yirong, and Tyler Goh